Image showing Canvas Vista

Canvas Vista

Making small workstations feel big, and increasing personalization within the workstation.

Canvas Vista

​​Introducing Canvas Vista

Meet Canvas Vista, a desking system that is making small workstations feel big and inviting. Its clever design trims the size of workstations to free up space for more people or to add diverse settings.

A Canvas Workstation with a Mira 2 Office Chair and a conference room with a gray Cosm office chair in the background.

Maximize Your Space

Canvas Vista features an elevated power and data chase that lets two-sided storage fit beneath, narrowing the square footage. Add more people or supplement main work areas with different settings—it’s freed-up space well used.

Canvas Vista 3D


Surfaces, storage, screens, and more. See what makes up Canvas Vista.

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Three people around a conference table
Office workstations for everyone

Meet the rest of the Canvas Family

Work is as diverse as the people who do it. Herman Miller's largest, most flexible, and most adaptable office workstation platform, Canvas Office Landscape encourages a full range of activities while addressing what people are really looking for in a workplace—from private offices to open plans.

Canvas Private Office

Industry-Leading in Scope

Our Canvas platform addresses work activities across the office—whether people need an uninterrupted focus zone or don’t mind a drop-in from their neighbors.

Canvas Wall

Highly Adaptive in Performance

We designed Canvas to be adaptive. At its core is a kit of parts that combines interchangeably, giving organizations a powerful tool to manage changes in the workplace.

Canvas Dock

Beautifully Cohesive in Design

Canvas lets organizations create diverse settings that share the same design language. Attention to detail, clean lines, and a unified aesthetic all complement a mix of products across the office.

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