Meet The Team

Let's sweeten the partnership.

You need the right team to find the perfect solution for you. We understand that, because we are partners in creating great workplaces. With Stamford Office Furniture, you get a knowledgeable team with deep expertise in everything we do.


    Greg Durkin President

  • Steve Gatto

    Steve Gatto Sales Vice President

  • MaryKay Powers

    MaryKay Powers Sales Vice President

  • Joan Eldin

    Joan Eldin Sales Vice President

  • Vinny Anastasio

    Vinny Anastasio Sales Vice President

  • Mark Durkin

    Mark Durkin Director of Interior Wall Solutions

  • Rose Petrone

    Rose Petrone Sales Vice President

  • Pat Burns

    Pat Burns Account Executive

  • Sydney Eppinger

    Sydney Eppinger Account Executive

  • Kathy Pierce

    Kathy Pierce Senior Project Manager

  • Bette Rand

    Bette Rand Senior Project Manager

  • Jackie Mollo

    Jackie Mollo Senior Project Manager

  • Dana Gladstone

    Dana Gladstone Executive Assistant

  • Maria Oliveri

    Maria Oliveri Project Manager

  • Cheryl Verrochi

    Cheryl Verrochi Project Manager

  • Tracey Samela

    Tracey Samela Designer

  • Lionel Berrios

    Lionel Berrios Designer

  • Rosemary Durkin

    Rosemary Durkin Librarian

  • Noelle Marinelli

    Noelle Marinelli Marketing Director

  • Ashley Powers

    Ashley Powers Order Management

  • Kelly Liguori

    Kelly Liguori Order Management

  • Chris Grosso

    Chris Grosso Senior Project Manager